Student Enrollment Procedures

Follow the student enrollment procedures listed below to help guide you on your journey towards education and training based on your goals.

  • Discuss your goals with an education counselor and determine a strategy to meet your long-term objectives.
  • With the assistance of your counselor, or by reference materials provided by DANTES, select a properly accredited college or university offering a program that best meets your education objectives.
  • Compare and investigate different colleges or universities before making your decision. Your Service education office can verify whether a school has an agreement with DoD that verifies tuition assistance availability.
  • Work with your selected institution's academic advisor to develop a degree plan or program of study outlining your education path.
  • Examine the course description. Verify the selected course or degree will meet your needs and can be transferred or accepted toward follow-on degrees.
  • Complete your Service's Tuition Assistance Program funding request (if applicable).
  • Follow your Service's instruction about enrollment procedures, payment, tuition assistance responsibilities, and any other Service-unique requirements to get started.

Contact a Counselor