TA DECIDE is an online information and comparison tool tailored to the unique educational needs of Service members. Launched by the Department of Defense in April 2015, this program is designed to support decision-making when it comes to selecting schools, choosing the right program in which to enroll, and making decisions that are aligned with unique personal goals.

Meeting Your Needs

TA DECIDE works for everyone, whether pursuing education full or part-time. By entering personal parameters such as preferred degree level, program area and residential area, TA DECIDE provides vital information. This information includes number of Service members using DoD tuition assistance, annual tuition costs, graduation rates, comparisons of schools and programs, and much more.

Information You Can Trust

One of the greatest benefits of using TA DECIDE is that all of the schools included in this tool have been vetted by the DoD. More than that, all of the schools signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) conveying the commitments and agreements between the educational institution and DoD prior to receiving funds from a service’s TA program. The TA DECIDE engine is fueled by more than10 recognized and trusted data sources from across the departments of Defense, Education, and Veterans Affairs.

There are thousands of schools included in TA DECIDE, and all are eligible for military tuition assistance. You can use TA DECIDE on your own or utilize it while working with an educational counselor. It’s an additional resource that can help you start a conversation, or launch right into your own search.

To start your search, visit the website.