Pass Rates


CLEP® and DSST® Pass rates are available for use by service members and testing personnel at education centers around the world. Knowing how military examinees score on CLEP and DSST exams as compared to the civilian population allows military students to target the best options for earning college credit by examination.

Pass rates can be used to:

  • Determine which CLEP and DSST exams are being taken the most by service members and civilians.
  • Determine which exams have the highest pass rates so that students are able to make an informed decision about which exam to take.
  • Serve as an important indicator of student achievements.

Download FY16 Military DSST Pass Rates
Download FY16 Military CLEP Pass Rates
Download FY16 Civilian DSST Pass Rates
Download FY16 Civilian CLEP Pass Rates