College Admissions

Many colleges require that students submit test results as part of the admission application process. Both the ACT and SAT are standardized tests that help colleges evaluate candidates. Some schools accept either test interchangeably; however, Service members should check with their education counselor prior to testing. As you begin to think about college and creating the best application package possible, your admissions plan should begin with the question, “Which test should I take?”

College Admission Exams

Service members applying for college admission, an officer accession program, military-sponsored academy or professional program may require a current ACT or SAT score to include with their application packet.

Refer to individual programs for application information.

Who Can Take a College Admission Exam?

The ACT and SAT exams are available to eligible Service members on a DANTES-funded basis when taken at a DANTES Test Site.

  • Refer to DANTES Funding Eligibility Requirements to learn if you are eligible for funding.
  • DANTES does not fund or reimburse ACTs or SATs taken at National Test Centers.
  • The optional ACT Plus Writing Test is not funded or reimbursed by DANTES and not available at DANTES Test Sites.

Civilians and military dependents are not eligible for DANTES-funded ACTs and SATs, may not test at a CONUS DANTES Test Site and may not routinely test at an overseas DANTES Test Site. Military-affiliated, overseas civilian personnel must contact a DANTES Test Site for exceptions to these tests.

DANTES Test Sites

If the education office at your military installation does not support a DANTES Test Site, email DANTES at for assistance.

Preparation for Testing

Visit the individual ACT and SAT program websites for exam information and test prep materials.